Wednesday, January 25, 2012

vader mobile 2012 update

Wassup fellas, hope you guys are smoking the new year with full throttle !

Well, to begin with, its been about 4 month that I haven't drove my rolla. It first starts with blown radiator fan. Its a simple fix but being unemployed, money don't come that easy. After that, I'm off to Korea for 2 month for industrial training. Come back to Malaysia on end of November and realized that my road tax is out too. To top it off, rolla had not been serviced waaaaay to long. Again, had no cash to send it for oil change and proper servicing. So all and all, the only thing I can do is just warm it up early in the morning.

On December, got several chance to do video coverage of engagement ceremony. Well, at least I can make a few bucks out of it. Continue to do those jobs, sold some stuffs and at last, finally had some cash to repair and upgrade rolla.

To start with, I replaced all the bushing of the rear sway bar. Cost me about 50 bucks for 3 bushings. Spray those color coz thats the only can that I had that time. Removing those sway bar is one hell of a job. Those screws are just built to last. Owh did I just say removing? Installing back is another thing. Fuck

Also bought a steel tube and then welded it into the handbrake lever. There you go, a simple DIY so called drift handbrake. Cleaned the rear drum brake and tested it. awesooomme ! The only thing now is that the tube is too long that it bumps into my reverse gear..shaitz! A cheap tip for those that are using drum brake, try drilling small holes or grind small lines on the horseshoe pad. Clean the inside of the drum or you can just send it to machine shop to remove the carbon. This 2 procedures will definitely give you better lock when you are pulling those handbrake.

Next, off to Sunway or should I say, motorsport heaven to get some parts. I also bought some parts from online store. Just take few days before the packages arrived.

Owh I'm a happy man today.haha..Few more parts arriving soon. There goes my budget for my euro trip..come to think about it again, urgh stresss~

Well, let see..I bought a Forged Racing 12" radiator fan. I was thinking to sandwich it with my oil cooler later. The problem is that I don't think rolla have enough space on the front. Also bought Cusco oil catch tank, Tomei fuel regulator, battery kill switch, Ultra Racing rear bar and also Exedy 3 puck racing clutch set. Since my 4age is from ae92, the clutch diameter is 8.5" which is the same for 20v 4age. Well that's a relief for me since ae86 original 4age is only 8" (correct me if I'm wrong). So this means, no modification needed to use larger clutch. Installed the clutch already and it feels awesome. Yes you cannot compare to "loceng kaki" or any other full racing clutch, but since I'm only using 4age, this should be enough to "tame" the horses.

At first I was thinking to use Triniti but the thing about this clutch is that there is no spring in the plate. So this means, direct force will be apply to your drive train. The main drawback is that it may effect your drive train and engine mount in a long run. Plus, driving with it in city is not a good idea.

While with Exedy, there's a set of springs on the plate. With it, some force can be absorbed. But anyway it depends on yourself actually. I'm not saying that this one is better. Again it depends on your preference.

While in the engine department, I did changed the timing belt with new ones. It comes in a complete set all together with the bearings and other bits. Since I never changed the timing belt and the belt itself is now looking like a time bomb waiting to snap, its a good thing to change it. Cost me about 300bucks for it.

Being a FWD engine, the stock regulator is placed on the back of the fuel rail or at the back of the intake manifold, but since it has been modded to be a RWD engine, the throttle body had been switched to the other end of the intake manifold which means it is now sitting just beside the regulator and squezzing the available space. This makes installing an adjustable regulator a pain in the ass. Bought another fitting since the fitting that comes with the set is too small. As in the picture below, its a tight squeeze between the TPS and the fuel inlet.

Planning to install a surge tank and also a second fuel pump. But for now, that's gotta hold first. The current pump does not supply enough pressure to the engine.
Some people may go for branded stuffs for their car, but for me, I guess some of the stuff that i already put in my car is not actually branded. Yes its about quality, safety and performance but to me personally, I can tolerate on some of it. As long as it does not relate to the engine. For that, I bought some Jasma parts which are pillowball mount and engine oil cooler. I can go with s13 pillowball, but finding one in halfcut shop in my place could be hard so I decided to go with Jasma. The size of the 3 screws are a bit big so some mod had to be done to the body.


Saw some japanese guy in the internet trim his cam pulley cover and reveal the middle part of the cover. Got an idea from that, and there you go. I only trim half of it leaving the middle line intact. I also did a new sticker for my 4-AGE. Since its getting old, so I named it 4-AGED. At first I was thinking to do 4-AGING but too much alphabet. Approve? =D

Notice the position of my radiator? Yeah I shifted it a bit to the back with some custom bracket. So the radiator now sitting slightly about 15 degree to the back. Plus it allows me to fit my Forged Racing fan in front of the radiator. So, as in the picture below, that's the current look of my engine bay. Owh yeah without the pillowball mount.

Working with old car that is older than you are, you seriously gotta keep an eye for the metal very own nature born sworn enemy...he goes by the name of "RUST"
I was changing my rear tires when I saw some rust on the floor of the rear seat from below. I didn't notice it before from the inside of the car since the sound deadening and tar had not been removed. But the view from below the car tells a different story.

With just a screwdriver, knife, sandpaper and a hammer, I start to dig in. Removing the sound deadening reveals the culprit. At first I thought there was only few of em, but then it turns out that there were plenty of em..Shaitz!


See those orange yellowish colored spot, that's most of the rust area. Some of it even already make through the floor. If you notice there are already few holes on the floor. darn it!

Once all the tar from the rear seat side were removed, I was surprised how much this thing weighs. This section alone accumulate about 4-5kg of tar. Haha might as well reducing some weight on the car. Drifting with underpowered car, lightweight is the key. lol


Repair it? Dont have any cash right now, I guess this one had to pass. Just gonna spray it. Weld it later when I have enough cash to do it.

Next on the list is the dashboard. Currently working on it.

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