Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rolla meet up

Again super duper late post, this meet was like 2 month ago. Invited by mista Ariff. Thanx bro..Owh yeah thanx for the photos too..gracias!

This is the first meet that I've join since I brought rolla to KL. Cant recall the name of the spot but whats important is that it have food, empty parking lot and music..yeah we were accompanied by the sound of chinese karaoke.haha

Most of the guys were rollin on e70 chassis but with the appearance of other models such as this dope wagon, it sparks up the meet.

 Gotta keep up with the latest trend at that time.planking!

Whats great about meet up, is that you meet new people, talk about something that you like and share something that you have in common. Its a total new experience for me

I have found myself asking a number of unusual motoring related questions lately. Questions like "Why do we build cars?" "Why do they have to cost so damn much?" "Why these rusted piece of metal always let me down?" And really, what is the whole point because you will just sell it anyway? Well, you see, this is the reason..the "experience" 

Photos credited to mista Ariff

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