Monday, April 18, 2011

hometown spoiled !!

What could be more exciting when u were informed that a drift event were to be held at your own hometown. Being a newbie in this sport, I was so freaking excited, packed my stuff and drive back all the way to muar early to prep up the car for the event. This could be my chance to do some practice since i was really suck at drifting. Since rolla is not in the state to go sideways yet, a lot had to be done, i mean a lottt..suspension department need some rework, surge tank and regulator need to be installed, camber and whatnot need to be installed, but 3 days is all i have. With limited budget, i was managed to do the rear suspension only.

Bought a set of rear toyota lorry damper way back then, the specs is pretty much all i wanted, stiff and short stroke...but sadly too short. I can't even put on the upper bracket. So bought another set but this time a bit longer and too soft but anyway I decide to just use it. We'll see how it will works out. So now i have 6 piece rear damper? LOL

Also bought a set of Estima coil springs. The black one is the old one. See the difference of the coil thickness?? yups this one is way more stiffer. Hopefully this will do the job. Just need to cut it down to get the right ride height.


Tested it out and yeah definitely feels the differences. What more could a happy face can tell. Maybe it need a bit more adjustment here and there but so far it does the job. Owh yeah the stickers arrived. "illest" and "fatlace".

Oke here comes the sucks part. The night before the event, we were informed that the organizer had to cancel the event due to some reason. It even made into the newspaper my dad says. Owh come on..I worked too hard to prep up the car just to know the event were to be cancel. last minute..awesome !!. But anyway, nak buat macamana..dah xde rezeki i guess...takpe time hopefully.Even one of my buddy drive a track car all the way from kL to muar to participate this event. 

Tire barrier were already lined up at Stadium Muar for the track and although the event is cancel, the track layout is there. So on Sunday, got a text from ip asking me to join him tearing up the track. hentam sajalah labu..hahaha

KeFC..spicy or original?

here's ip test driving or should i say test drifting my rolla. I never knew my rolla were able to go sideways like that with full countersteer..given a good driver on the wheel, I can say this car got some i see clearly that its not rolla which is the problem..its the one who can't go sideways till now (T.T)

We were lucky that no police interfere when we were there. Rotary does scream loud and soon enough, people were already crowded the track side watching two fools going sideways.hahaha...but  I did use 1set of tire only. It was magrib already. Given a bit more time, money and place to practice, i could improve.sob sob


  1. makin mantap natalie a.k.a rolla kau skarang

    From razyphe mustafa

  2. wow! i need a ride wit dat car! =)

    kak tonah

  3. Bile lagi mau gegar stadium lg???-ip_tune-