Tuesday, March 29, 2011

vtec 4age

Damn im tired of searching the right workshop and mechanic to handle my rolla.

I am a automaniac and even back then when i was rolling straight with two wheeler, the scenario is the same with the one Im having right now. I just cant find the right person.

This time, thought I try back my old mechanic. He's more into vtec stuff but he does a good job except the expensive price tag. But anyway, i give it a try. This time, to repair the loud whining sound that was coming out from my rear axle. Ask a few friends before and they suspect the axle was too tight or the malay term; ikat kuat sangat. Plus i want to change the axle oil too, so why not jack down those bulky axle down and see whats the culprit. 

To my surprise, the welded on the gear was broken. Im pretty sure that is because those  previous guy didnt weld it strong enough. I mean come on, the engine is only pumping out around 100+ hp..You cant say the engine is strong enough to break an axle. For sure the weld is not strong. And its already broken the 2nd day after it is welded..And now it need to be welded again. duit lagi baaaang. Hopefully this one will last a bit longer..

Also had the rear horseshoe replaced and skimmed the drum cover since it had been covered with oil and hard carbon. Thats why my handbrake never works. I was pulling like hell hard but still the rear tyres wont lock. Thats because the carbon and oil layers eliminates the friction between the horseshoe and drum cover. I need those friction !

Tried out the handbrake after that and it feels great !!

Oke back to the axle problem. After being welded again for the 2nd time, new axle oil, gear alignment and all that.....it still whining !! darn it !!..OKE NOW I GIVE UP !! probably just had to live with it or get an LSD or loose socks drift what nomura called it. There i was, driving back home with a broken heart (T.T)..But anyway i did feel something different with rolla after that. floor je pedal, lain macam je pegi die..its like my 4age on steroid..vtec kicks in?? i dunno..maybe this picture tells something


  1. ado ore tuko trottttttttttllleee budi barrrrrruuu...