Saturday, December 11, 2010

stadium illegal drift

Locked the diff few weeks back but didnt have the time and place to try it out..So today just got back from kL, grab the key, packed up the stuffs, changed the tires, and roll out..

Friday, December 3, 2010

rolla's new shoes

Few month earlier, got myself a deal with fadzil for a set of rims for my ride. Well, after few months of delivery direct from the land of rising sun and a few months more delay because apparently i got no money to pay Well here it is

even the box cover is japanese..hehehe

A set of 14" longchamps..2 pieces with 6.5jj and another 2 with 7jj. The rest is fadzils. He got himself a set of 7.5jj...dammmn=(

Old school rims had gone through many years of usage, so I replaced all the old rusty bolts that hold the rim together with new ones, lay on some fresh black color on it and lastly some cleaning and polishing. tadaaaa....Sadly, no tires for now...huuu

Currently the pit area aka reading corner..hahaha.. Notice the black + fluorescent yellow rims at the back..well, found a set of it under my bed. Never knew it was there for these years..hahaha..Actually those are the standard rims for the first proton saga back in 80's..Belongs to my dad. Well, founders keepers.sorry abah..hahaha..sprayed it black and yellow..since it is 13", new tires are cheaper so i'll be using it for practice. Already surveyed Falkens ziex for it..for now, i can only afford to get two ziex ze322..

Cant wait to put it on rolla..but sadly, this monday the 6th will be my first day of internship at Bukit i'll be leaving rolla for a while..till then =(