Sunday, March 28, 2010

natalie project update 28 / 3 / 2010

well its been a while since i last updated on my project progress..kinda busy with all the repairing process.

on sunday last week, just have a bit of shopping at car accessories shop around malim, malacca. bought HKS super flow reloaded air filter since my simota air filter is too dirty and the rubber mounting had ripped apart. i also replaced the belting for alternator and compressor since the old one already wear out. next, i changed the battery to yokohama because the old battery dindnt have the enough juice to crank up the engine to start. hopefully this one will last long.

kau robek hatiku..see how dirty the old filter was

i just need a new rubber adapter, a tightening cable, knife and a screw driver


the only problem with this air filter is the hood clearance issue. because of the large diameter compared to the old air filter, its a squezze fix.

replaced with new yokohama battery

new belting

since im free this week, thinking of going back to muar. since its been quite a while that i dindt go home..even my mom say " asek keja keja keja..belajar camane?? balek kampung pon dah jarang " hahaha..sory bu..

while im there, why not survey some workshop over here..heard a few worshop that is familiar with rwd car..and because my clutch plate was out, i sent natalie to Dnan auto to replace the clutch and also repair the oil leaks at the oil pan. the replacement was suppose to be around 3hour but it takes the whole day. and even after the clutch is replaced, as soon as i start the car, i noticed there is a problem. smoke was coming out from the gearbox. it turn out that they installed the wrong clutch bearing resulting the clutch cover to be spoiled and burned..there goes my exedy clutch..huhuhu..luckily the owner are willing to take the blame, and the next day, they replaced the bearing and clutch cover with new ones. all those problems with shifting gear is now gone. the only problem now is just the gearbox, which quite hard to downshift from 3rd to 2nd.

exedy clutch cover

the old clutch cover and plate. the clutch cover were quite severely damaged

trash can for this one

repaired the leaking on the oil pan. this was after some cleaning with wd40, but before that it was quite a mess. oil leftover was everywhere

i also managed to have a bit of shopping for the interior..the first plan was to re done the meter panel and replaced it with a plastic plate and installed all the new meter on it. but my carbon panel is not arrived yet, so i just installed the new meter on top of the original meter panel. bought a NRG performance meter which is oil temp and water temp. both of it cost me around rm640 including installation and adapters for sensors.quite expensive actually for a brand like that. beginner..nak beli defi ngan apexi tak mampu lagi..meter camni pon jadila.

adapter for sensor

also bought a HKS billet oil cap and AVS performance magnetic oil filter

the new AVS magnetic oil filter and the blue one is the adapter for oil temp meter

well thats all for now..duit dah habis..i need to save up some more money to proceed with this on the list is paint job, long shaft and bucket seat

Monday, March 22, 2010

Natalie Portman project

After a couple month of CCM (cut cost management) and part time working, i manage to save up some money to start my own car project. The first plan is to buy a Nissan Cefiro A31 but after some financial problems and shortage, i changed to plan B which is to buy the cheapest rear wheel drive car in the market which is a Toyota Corolla KE70. Although my interest and heart was on the Cefiro, i still need to change to the corolla if i want to proceed with this hobby. The car was supposed to be a on road car which i will be driving all the time. Plus, a corolla road tax and insurance cost will not be as high as a cefiro. Well, i gotta have a financial plan since i need to maintain two cars and a bike now and to make things worst, im still a student..huuuuu

After some searching, i managed to find one seller from Seremban area who wants to sell his corolla with a quite interesting price. The first price given is RM8800 but after some negotiation , I did manage to get the car for RM6350 complete with a 4age engine, T50 gearbox, ae86 long shaft, sport rims and air con. And the story begins....

On 13th of March, I come to Seremban to have some look of the car. The first time i saw the car on the traffic light as the owner arrives, i already fall in love with it. Not sure what is the feeling but it was heart pumping. Furthermore, Mr.k which was with me at that time, saw 73workshop sticker on the car. We were relieved to know that the car was maintained by Ah Song 73 workshop.

After some business talk with the owner, i and Mr.K did a test drive on the car and we immediately address some problems with it. First, the clutch is out. I need to dump all the way to the floor before i can enter a gear and sometimes, it quite hard to enter most of the gear. Then the suspension, simply said it was too buoyant or feels like floating on a boat. Maybe i need to have a proper setup for the suspension or just replaced with a new ones. Next is the gearbox which i have problem down shifting from 3rd to 2nd and the last problem is the long shaft which i think relates to the coupler because as soon it reaches 80-90kmh, the whole car starts to vibrate like hell. While for the body of the car, it was not in a good condition, rust were quite a lot at different spot and seriously this car need a new paint job. But was surprise me that day is how much torque and horsepower that car got. 1st and 2nd gear puts quite a great amount of g force to the driver, owh hell yeh i like that !! as soon as it hits the powerbands around 3k-4k rpm, it shoots like shit i tell ya..hahaha


the bottom floor were quite heavily rusted. need some seriooooous money to repair this one

the dangling muffler due to worn out bush rubber

and lastly....the heart pumping generator.4age redtop taken from ae92

after a few days later, i confirmed with the owner to buy the car. On 17th, i came to seremban again to settle down all the document transfer, Puspakom, JPJ and also the payment. Thanx to the insurans company, we managed to settle all those things at around 3pm that day. later that day, i drove it straight to Malacca. The ride were really tiring as i need to maintain the speed below 80kmh to avoid the crazy ass back paining vibration. Luckily ibu and abah were willing to come all the way from Muar to convoy with me. Thanx bu n bah !

The next day, the car wont start due to power lack. The battery were out and need to be changed. Thanx to the help of min and din, we pushed the car to start the engine then off the the nearest workshop. I changed the battery to yokohama and have the engine serviced. Changed the engine oil and replace the oil filter. I also replaced the compressor belt and starter belt and also have them check the vibration problem and it was the coupler just as i suspected. Also spot a small leak on the oil pan below the engine. I guess i need to replace the gasket next.

later that day, came to zie house to pick up some stuff and to do some DIY's. hehehe

clean up some rust on the long shaft and at the shaft coupler with some WD40 and brush. Cant believe it works. Although the vibration is still present at high speed, but after the WD40 treatment, it pretty much became lesser

the new rubber bushing for the exhaust piping. no more dangling muffler..hehe

had her washed, clean the interior and have some random photoshoot

stay tune for more update later on on this project

the picture that sparks it all up at the first time