Monday, February 22, 2010

KBS-FXopen asia drift challenge 2010

KBS-FXopen asia drift challenge 2010 was held at MAEPS serdang using the already establish track from Saturday Night Drift events that were held every week there. The event were held on 20th February 2010 and this particular event is a one day event which starts at 9am Saturday and end at around 2am Sunday. Sponsored by Kementerian Belia dan Sukan and FXopen Asia, organized by Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) and KartQuest, and supported by Feinto-D, the event attracts more than 30 drivers to participate in both novice and expert category.

This is the second event for our team for this new year. A good start for the team as our driver, Mr.K and the team manage to free some time to join this event. Zie pick me up at my campus at 6am and we drive straight to Seremban to pick up the car. Luckily towing arrived not long after we arrived at the workshop.

Then we drive straight to Serdang with the towing. On the way there, i just remember that i forgot to bring my sunblock and UFO hat.Guess i'll be badly tanned again this time..huuu....We are the first to arrived at Serdang at around 9am. K were already at KL that time with Ijal n Icak. So while waiting for them to arrive, me and zie do whatever we can to clean up the car before the event. Since the car is previously parked inside a "kilang papan", sawdust were all over the place.

buruh import baru team

zie, u need to save up some money from now;)

finish setting up the tent besides tan and zul falken

bak kata K, " kecik kecik mak suruh main congkak kau xnak..nak gak main drift..kan dah jadi camnie"..haha

sebelom ni tak penah cukup tayar..but this time, menggunung tayar..alhamdulillah...baru pulak tu...thanx uncle J ;)

I did manage to find puma driving shoe for K.. high cut pulak tu..probably hard to find..and its a last early birthday present for u K

with representative from MAYC

representing team good year are jane and ariff

rule no 23 : never use the front and rear bumper during practice run. u'll see later

ariff put up quite a good run although he had some problems with his car on early runs

and there goes the bumper..just like i said before

guess whats under the hood.rotary bebeh

one of the heaviest smoker of the day, ivan lau..good run bro

nani put on quite a good run too. plus the smoke. i wonder what he's running under the hood..

along rempit from team FX formula

the monster patlok driver, zulfiqar arrive at around 2pm and soon start to tearing up the track. penat kiteorang tunggu kau tau zul !! haha

We didnt expect that during best 16, K will meet oly. Luckily they practice tsuiso together during the practice run. From my view, both of the driver put on an awesome run. K manage to squeeze his front bumper as close as he can to oly rear bumper during this time. Here's some pictures during the practice run

the corolla gang bang

Official practice run ends at 7pm and continue with the best 16 qualifying at 8. Drivers were given 3 run which includes 1 warm up run and two judges run. Best mark from either two of the judging run will be taken as the official mark. Warm run for K was quite good but all our hope was gone when K straighten on both of his judging run which scores him a low score if im not mistaken is around 64. Im not sure whats the reason but alhamdulillah, he did manage to qualify for best 16 and will be facing oly.

Im not often at the track shooting pics for this event since i need to standby at the pit area. The distance between the pit area and the track was quite far adding up the reason why im not at the track all the time like before. Plus the night time shooting was quite hard for me as low light condition effects the pictures. But i did manage to snap some of the pics during the night session.

briefing for best 16

zie, hadry and icak

1st place : Fazreen Ismail a.k.a Along Rempit Team FX Open Asia
2nd place : Ivan Lau Team Bridgestone M'sia
3rd place : Mohd Riduan a.k.a Wan Boss GT Radial Feinto-D Drift Team
4th place : Zulfikar
5th place : Fazly a.k.a Oly Feinto-D Drift Team
6th place : Apid Kyoko Feinto-D Drift Team
7th place : Nazam
8th place : Tan Hang Eng Ace Suspension

1st place : Nortaufiq a.k.a Topeng Feinto-D Drift Team
2nd place : Denson
3rd place : Norushaq (Shark)