Friday, July 24, 2009

afamosa underground drifting

afamosa parking lot drift
location : beverly hills tower 1 parking lot
time : midnight
track layout : fahmi

we have found new spot!!
track surface was quite dusty but it was good enough to drift. plus the environment brings us the mood to drift sampai lebam.hahaha ( tokyo drift style )...
and the best part is, no fucking pakguard to halau us like before so we can drift as long as we want to!!
time to tear up the track

fahmi sideway

panco's TT01

side by side fahmi n panco

dakwan's hachiroku..turbocharged now

Monday, July 13, 2009

johore drift open

full coverage by SYNTHETIC MEDIA
photographer : muhammad helmi bin ma'asom

Just a week after FORMULA DRIFT SINGAPORE, drift scene were heat up again with another big event. This time, its JOHORE DRIFT OPEN in conjunction with Karnival Permotoran Muar 2009 from 10th to 12th of july 2009. The event were held at Maktab PDRM Muar and with the help from them, MEP services were able to organize this event successfully. Main sponsor for the event were FUSHIME auto parts and BUMI TYRE and not forgetting PDRM and JB drift club.

At the beginning 36 driver were registered for this event but then later on only 32 driver left for the qualifying after having major trouble with their machine. Some big name driver such as hanizam@loyai and zul were also there although they just returned from FD Singapore and only have a week to prepare their machine for this particular event. Some other driver such as Mr.K and Tan from ace suspension team, nabil and lan from drift zone, rocker, eddy and ben from team fushime and many more driver across Johore area and others were also there to compete for the podium finishes.

Saturday session were just for practicing run for the driver. The track that were already setup by the marshals on Friday is the same layout from previous session with only some minor adjustments. Saturday morning start off with the local fire department cleaning off the track surface with their water jet to remove all the sand from the track that is previously became a big problem among the drifters. With the track cleaned, driver that already there in the early morning heat up their machine and soon were already smoking up the track. Later on that afternoon, the pit area were filled with drivers, pit crews and not forgetting their drift machine.

1. derrick with his NOSed TE71


3. high speed entrace by nishiki


5. tan from ace suspension team

6. loyai smoking up the track as soon as he arrived


8. zul sideways..smoker of the day


10. zul trying to get used with the track with his turbo charged hachiroku

11. not forgetting our local drifter,IP



14. another local drifter, mista padel

15. IP sideways


Although the track were cleaned from sand, there are still some leftover on the outer side of each corner especially on the first clipping point where a lot of driver that trying to get their tailed out, accidentally caught by the sand and dragged out to the tire wall. Its quite challenging for all the driver which use the outer side to maintain their drift and not to crash.


18. mr.k caught by the sand

19. another crash on practice day

20. this show how the sand influenced the drifters

Despite the sand, drivers still continue practicing to get their perfect line. To some of the driver, the track were challenging especially on the first corner. This is caused by the length of the corner from the first clipping point to the second one as it stretch quite a distance. So, the drivers must maintain their drift throughout the corner without understeer. In the morning, it seems impossible, but later on that day, most of the drifter were able to tackle that corner without much problems.


22. picture perfect !!!

23. ijat with his newly painted machine


25. nabil with his eightysix

26. Mr.K from team ace

27. battle of the aces

28. at last, padel manage to tackle those corner..cayalah padel!!


30. battle continues with or without bumper

31. high speed entrance by both ace team drivers

32. now that what i called side by side action

33. que to the starting grid

34. Mr.K on the starting grid


36. mista rocker

The practice run were continued at night around 8pm till midnight. The track were crowded with local spectators and drift fan who came to see the night drift actions.

37. mista monkey start of the night session with some daredevil action..guess what..drifting with worn out tire and without steering wheel


39. kamil bursting his s13 on the straight line

40. our chief marshall that work endlessly from day to night

41. nishiki finishing up his last tire after repairing a leak on his oil coolant


43. another biggest smoker,loyai

Sunday session start off early as drivers rushing to get their perfect line before the qualifying starts. They also push their machine's to the limit to gain full speed throughout the corners and to maintain their drift line because judges wants to see drivers sliding their rear and front end as close as possible to the tire wall(clipping point) as well as their speed, angle and not forgetting...smoke.

44. battle of hachiroku's


46. this is why eightysix is a perfect drift car

47. picture tells a thousand words

48. one of drift zone's drifter

49. tan and rocker practicing

At 2pm, the practicing stops to give a way for the official opening ceremony. All the drivers were called to line up their car in front of the stage. The ceremony is ended with thrilling heart pumping action from the PDRM and FUSHIME auto parts which is a demo of cat and mouse chase. It is then followed by drift demo from one of drifter from DRIFT ZONE,D-raa with her 180sx.



52. loyai and Mr.K

53. ngan n loyai

54. team ace suspension

55. nabil ,mista chief marshall and d-raa

56. this is what the drivers will be battling for

Next on the event list is qualifying session. This time, the best 16 driver will automatically inserted into the expert category and 8 more driver will be on the novice class based on their qualifying marks.

58. inside Mr.K hachiroku

59. Mr.K gaining 100 marks for this run. a perfect drift. Just look on the yellow mark, how much close him to the wall. Even the rear bumper is out

60. Another team ace drifter, Tan

61. loyai's qualifying run

62. rocker's qualifying run

63. zul struggling to get his line after his car had some major malfunction. But he were able to get the car repaired just before the qualifying and scored 100 marks on his run

64. ijat's qualifying run

65. another driver from team FUSHIME

16 drivers were choosed to battle in the best 16 tsuiso and 8 more driver for novice class tsuiso. A quick briefing were done after the qualifying round and the best 16 name list are announced.

66. the best 16


68. mr ngan giving out a quick briefing on the tsuiso run

69. have some trouble to get to the judges booth?? just call bakri taxi

The best 16 drivers were then battle in the tsuiso run with their pair. And the battle begins...

70. tsuiso

71. tsuiso

72. tsuiso

73. tsuiso

74. tsuiso





the tsuiso run are then paused to give a way for magrib pray and are continued around 8pm.

79. loyai versus eddy

81. final battle of loyai and derrick lim


83. finally, the winners of first and second place

the event were ended after the price giving ceremony to the winners and other drivers. congratulation to all the driver and also special thanks to mr glenn and other organizer.

1st. derrick lim
2nd. hanizam aka loyai
3rd. rocker

best qualifier (100 marks)
1. Mr.K (ace suspension)
2. zul (falken)