Wednesday, January 25, 2012

vader mobile 2012 update

Wassup fellas, hope you guys are smoking the new year with full throttle !

Well, to begin with, its been about 4 month that I haven't drove my rolla. It first starts with blown radiator fan. Its a simple fix but being unemployed, money don't come that easy. After that, I'm off to Korea for 2 month for industrial training. Come back to Malaysia on end of November and realized that my road tax is out too. To top it off, rolla had not been serviced waaaaay to long. Again, had no cash to send it for oil change and proper servicing. So all and all, the only thing I can do is just warm it up early in the morning.

On December, got several chance to do video coverage of engagement ceremony. Well, at least I can make a few bucks out of it. Continue to do those jobs, sold some stuffs and at last, finally had some cash to repair and upgrade rolla.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

once upon a time

I was digging up my pc and then i found these..Some photos that were taken on the day that i bought rolla..back then in 2010..haha..How fast time flies~

Dangling exhaust, rusted body, big ass P sticker, cement paste everywhere, everything is just not right..Its amazing how much that it had transformed throughout these 2 years. Alhamdulillah..

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rolla meet up

Again super duper late post, this meet was like 2 month ago. Invited by mista Ariff. Thanx bro..Owh yeah thanx for the photos too..gracias!

Monday, April 18, 2011

hometown spoiled !!

What could be more exciting when u were informed that a drift event were to be held at your own hometown. Being a newbie in this sport, I was so freaking excited, packed my stuff and drive back all the way to muar early to prep up the car for the event. This could be my chance to do some practice since i was really suck at drifting. Since rolla is not in the state to go sideways yet, a lot had to be done, i mean a lottt..suspension department need some rework, surge tank and regulator need to be installed, camber and whatnot need to be installed, but 3 days is all i have. With limited budget, i was managed to do the rear suspension only.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

vtec 4age

Damn im tired of searching the right workshop and mechanic to handle my rolla.

I am a automaniac and even back then when i was rolling straight with two wheeler, the scenario is the same with the one Im having right now. I just cant find the right person.

This time, thought I try back my old mechanic. He's more into vtec stuff but he does a good job except the expensive price tag. But anyway, i give it a try. This time, to repair the loud whining sound that was coming out from my rear axle. Ask a few friends before and they suspect the axle was too tight or the malay term; ikat kuat sangat. Plus i want to change the axle oil too, so why not jack down those bulky axle down and see whats the culprit.